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People who are vaccinated are significantly less likely to infect others

From the New Scientist: “They absolutely do reduce transmission,” says Christopher Byron Brooke at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. “Vaccinated people do transmit the virus in some cases, but the data are super crystal-clear that the risk of transmission … Continue reading

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Vaccine passport = pickup in vaccination (in France anyway)

Regardless of one's opinion on the French 'health pass', there's one thing everyone will have to agree on: the effect on vaccination coverage in the country has been absolutely striking. pic.twitter.com/yq3Q8vRsIW — Edouard Mathieu (@redouad) August 30, 2021  

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Mandatory vaccinations for film & TV workers?

Incoming: from Deadline: “Mandatory Covid-19 vaccinations on film and TV productions now will be allowed, on a restricted basis, under a new agreement reached Monday between Hollywood’s unions and the major companies. The new protocols, they said in a joint … Continue reading

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Mandatory vaccination

Useful summary of both sides to the argument here,

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Conservatives getting the credit from the public for the pandemic response

Ipsos Mori’s broad range of current polling will make happy reading for UK Conservatives on all kinds of levels, though they are out of step with public opinion on the delay to the Covid inquiry. The headlines:

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Variant found in India: High vaccine efficacy after two doses.

Public Health England has presented the first real-world data on vaccine efficacy against B.1.617.2, the variant first found in India. Efficacy against symptomatic B.1.617.2 was 81% after two doses, much higher than many have feared. “New UK government research suggests … Continue reading

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